Specified non-profit organizations (NPO) based in Japan

If you consider to establish specified non-profit organizations in Japan, you need to decide the following things at least.

1  Office locations

2 Executive board members(minimum 3 persons) , Auditor secretary(minimum 1 person)and members(minimum 10 persons)

3 What the organization does

4 Why and for what you establish 

5 Activities plan and money


It needs Authentication by the appropriate office and Registration.

Usually it takes 4 months for the authentication examination.


With respect to the activities of specified non -profit organization, you shall give attention to some restriction.

For example, the activities of specified non-profit are limited to 20 activities under Act.

The organization may also do other activities collaterally but such activities shall not interfere with the activities of specified non-profit. And the profit made by other activities shall use for the activities of specified non-profit.


After establishment the specified non-profit organization, you shall not forget to submit activities and accounting documents to the appropriate office every year.


Specified non-profit organizations are monitored by citizen and the appropriate office as a general rule.